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Foundations Quarantine Challenge

Build a fort/shelter

My fort is a safe space for me, dark colors give me peace and a warm feeling. I scuba dive in my free time and being in the ocean underwater is very peaceful for me so I used blue sheets and fluffy white blankets to resemble the feeling of being surrounded by the blue water.

Make your own mask

while masks during this pandemic are used to protect you, mine resembles me feeling suffocated by this quarantine. Breathless, unable to get freedom and a break.

Portrait Day

I Love my kitty Winston so this was pretty easy to recreate.

Co Lab-Inside/Outside

prompt 1

I decided to write a letter to Covid-19 instead of writing a letter to my future self… this is what it consisted of.

Prompt 4

For this piece I teamed back with Shitstorm for another video which had to do with insanity in quarantine during this pandemic.

Prompt 6

for this piece I kept it inside and focused on the idea of quarantine and only being able to go in so many directions in a small secluded place. I used the different colors to resemble all my different thoughts during this time in our lives. I focused on the cramptness of it because that is what our lives consist of… So many wants and needs and not getting them because of Covid-19. Hence the lines being blended together with me stepping on the paint smearing it.

Color Time

Assignment 1-color wheel scavenger hunt

Assignment 2- color organized neatly

Assignment 2-full spectrum

Assignment 3-color research

Color: Naples yellow is named after the city of Naples, Naples yellow is one of the oldest synthetic pigments known to man it had been prepared by heating a mixture of any of the lead oxides with either anatomy oxide Sb2O3 or some other antimony compound. Naples yellow had been used since until about 1850.

Assignment 4- Artist research

Artist: Arlene Shechet was born in 1951 in New York City. Fascinated by the way things are made, Shechet likens her studio to both farm and factory. Employing an experimental approach to ceramic sculpture, she tests the limits of gravity, color, and texture by pushing against the boundary of classical techniques, sometimes fusing her kiln-fired creations with complex plinths formed of wood, steel, and concrete.

Week one: Field Guide

Coming home to Arkansas from New York was a big change halfway through this semester, packing up my dorm room in one day to catch a plane out of New York before the whole state got shut down was quite a stressful couple days. Getting home was not much easier, having to adjust to online school in such a different environment was unsettling.

While my home is a very different environment it is honest much easier for me to create here, while my resources are limited I feel that I have a better space to experiment with my creativity. My space consists of two groups… Family, and myself.


the images below resemble the family aspect of my environment. the flower vase resembles my family gathering at the dinner table every night for a meal because my mom always has fresh flowers in a vase for us all to sit around. The leash resembles my family going on walks together, mainly me taking my cat for a walk and their dogs all just having a good time. The hammock resembles bonding with my sisters in my backyard, we all have hammocks and we will just lay in our backyard for hours listening to music and talking. The next image is my lacrosse goal, The lacrosse goal is important in my environment because my sister and I both play lacrosse for AU and our season got cut short this year to the virus. My sister and I still get practice in our backyard with the help of our dad running us through drills. The next image is my family’s garden in my backyard which is important in my environment because we are just now getting it back up and running now that spring is coming around. Lastly is my basketball court in my backyard that my dad and I play horse on some nights… we have been doing it as long as I remember and its just been a ongoing tradition he and I do in the summer. Those are the six items of my environment that resemble my family.


The images below resemble the things in my environment that help me build self care during this time. The yoga mat resembles me working out to better my fitness and health. The speaker is what helps me get through the day, I listen to music 24/7 because I love every kind of music and it is what drives most of my artwork. The show resembles my favorite place in my house, showers to me are just so relaxing and basically the only time I get to myself in the day. The candle resembles my winding down for the day, my favorite time of the day is when I am able to just lay back and relax with nice smells and sounds around me. The car resembles my escape from the house, when quarantine is in action my car is the only real escape I get, even if it is just me driving out blasting music through my speakers, Its bliss to me. Lastly I have a envelope. The envelope resembles my relationship with my boyfriend in New York, and while we can call, text, and face-time We write letters because it just seems more human than staring at a screen all day. Those are my six items in my environment for myself.

Final Performance

Due: Wednesday November 27th

I loved this project! My group strives with the editing of our videos to give an all around effect of our characters and our topic. To pull that off in this performance at first was tricky but soon we learned that we had to just simply each do different things at different timings to give the same idea across. We all made our own costumes on our own time and we though the act out together. I made the soundtrack, Amanda supplied the eggs and the boys brought their rambunctious selves. I loved this group and can not wait to work with them again.

Performance Proposal

Due monday November 18th

Above are the characters and the set of our performance, Along with the process of our performance. Our performance has a introduction, then a alarm signifying 4:20 then a fight scene, then all of us ending in the scarn dance from the office as friends.

Story of the Space

due Monday Nov. 18th

My group chose this space because it was very open and big and we feel that it will be able to showcase all of our artistic abilities in this space. Our performance is elaborate and needs to be able to have characters enter so the stairs help with that and the outdoors is necessary because we are throwing eggs in our performance. We are also blasting music and it would not be polite to do that in indoor around other students working.

I think our zine came out very well, for me specifically I could not get the process of stacking the papers in order to make the book but creating and illustrating the book was very fun. It was interesting to see my groups different characters and to be able to incorporate them into a story where all the characters live their own lives.

Installation proposal

DUE: Tuesday November 5th, by 8:00 am.

The idea of our performance is to be able to combine bliss and chaos. Shown through trash made beautiful. My group would like either a wall or a corner, preferably a corner. We have no visual references or models because the whole concept is using what we could find so we were not really aware of what would become of our instillation.

Everyone in our group had the same job, to find trash and random objects and bring them to the site and glue them to the wall. We did some of it individually while we did get together at times and did it then. Our schedules never really lined up so we did what we could when we could and then got together late at nights when we all were free. Members include, Me, Joe Brady, Ben Yelich, and Izzy McClure

Places and Characters

DUE: Tuesday November 12th, by 8:00 am.

We chose Harder halls outdoor area around the kiln because it was a open space that everyone in the class would be able to view our performance in. The space had a lot of random objects in it that we felt would be able to add to our performance, I like the space because it is not just a room, it has an organic shape to it and a open feel. I like my character because he gives off a very youthful goofy vibe and I cant wait to recreate it.

Objects in the space

  • Bucket
  • weeds
  • cigarette butt
  • Pumpkin pieces
  • ceramic pieces
  • K cup
  • stickers
  • paper plate
  • plastic fork
  • dirt
  • tiles
  • ice
  • napkins
  • flowers
  • wood
  • brick
  • apple core
  • spray paint
  • ladder
  • stool
  • bench